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Paul's Coins LLC

Paul's Coins LLC is Volusia County's only ANA-certified Advanced Grader. We deal in all types of United States and World coins and currency. If you’re looking to add to your collection, Paul’s Coins can easily help out, as we offer a very large coin selection from older, rare coins to modern U.S. Mint products. Or perhaps you’re looking to sell a coin collection. Paul’s coins will buy anything from a single U.S. silver coin or world coin to a huge collection of United States gold coins. Whatever your needs, you can rely on us for top quality coins, expert market information and fair dealing, every step of the way.

For over 25 years, we've served Central Florida, especially the greater Daytona Beach, FL area, with friendly, honest service - helping folks just like you turn their old coins into cash - and collectors find that perfect coin or bank note to add to their collection. It's our honor, as a family-owned and operated business, to continue to provide free expert appraisals, friendly service and top-quality coins and paper currency sales for another 25 years and beyond.

Our Rare Coin Inventory Includes:

  • Graded coins from NGC, PCGS and ANACS
  • Gold American Eagles
  • Silver American Eagles
  • Peace Dollars
  • Morgan Dollars
  • Trade Dollars
  • Seated Liberty Dollars
  • Draped Bust Dollars
  • Encased Postage Stamps
  • Civil War Tokens
  • Hard Times Tokens
  • Spanish Colonial Coins
  • Spanish Shipwreck Treasure Coins
  • Colonial Coins
  • Half Cents
  • Large Cents
  • Flying Eagle Cents
  • Indian Head Cents
  • Wheat Cents
  • Two Cent Pieces
  • Three Cent Silver Pieces
  • Three Cent Nickel Pieces
  • Half Dimes
  • Shield Nickels
  • Liberty Head V Nickels
  • Buffalo Nickels
  • Draped Bust Dimes
  • Capped Bust Dimes
  • Seated Liberty Dimes
  • Barber Dimes
  • Mercury Dimes
  • Twenty Cent Pieces
  • Draped Bust Quarters
  • Capped Bust Quarters
  • Seated Liberty Quarters
  • Barber Quarters
  • Standing Liberty Quarters
  • Draped Bust Half Dollars
  • Capped Bust Half Dollars
  • Seated Liberty Half Dollars
  • Barber Half Dollars
  • Walking Liberty Half Dollars
  • Franklin Half Dollars
  • Gold Dollars
  • Quarter Eagles
  • Three Dollar Gold Pieces
  • Half Eagles
  • Eagles
  • Double Eagles
  • Saint-Gaudens $20 Gold Pieces
  • Commemorative Coins
  • Proof and Mint Sets
  • World Silver Coins
  • Confederate Coins
  • Mint Errors
  • Platinum Coins

 Our Old Paper Money Inventory Includes:

  • Graded notes from PMG and PCGS
  • Large Size Notes
  • Small Size Notes
  • Legal Tender Notes
  • Silver Certificates
  • Treasury Notes
  • National Bank Notes
  • Federal Reserve Bank Notes
  • Federal Reserve Notes
  • National Gold Bank Notes
  • Gold Certificates
  • Fractional Currency
  • World War II Emergency Notes
  • Colonial Currency
  • Continental Currency
  • Confederate Notes
  • Star Notes
  • $500 Dollar Bills
  • $1,000 Dollar Bills
  • And much more! 

We Also Offer Coins and Collector Supplies By:

  • Whitman
  • Harris
  • Dansco
  • United States Mint
  • Krause
  • Capitol

The appraisers of Paul's Coins LLC are the only ANA-certified advanced graders in Volusia County, with extensive training in the identification, authentication and appraisal of rare coins and paper money. All appraisals are provided free of charge.

Contact Paul's Coins LLC today at 386-677-5355 to schedule an appointment to sell your coins or for a free appraisal, or browse our website for more information regarding jewelry and precious metals or knives, swords and antiques.

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